We The People – For U.S. Citizen* or noncitizen national’s

AA – Private Process

Welcome to Americas Assembly,

Where we strive to provide all members with the opportunity to obtain the basic knowledge of citizenship, Private banking, and the intermediate skills to operate with a trust and the ability to utilized the system.

Step 1 – Register to make an account

Step 2 – Logout and Login, click keep me logged in to be verified

Step 3 – Start the process

Step 4 – Gain Badges and unlocks along the way

Unlocks include:

  1. Single or Web Trust
  2. TUA Trust
  3. AA Private Process Membership
  4. Court Procedures


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Learn how to operate as the Private Banker

Single Trust

A single trust is a legal entity created by a single grantor who transfers his/her property to the trust for the benefit of a third party

Web Trust

A structured trust to operate in the public with protections. Public, Passthrough, and Private holdings

TUA Trust

A Trust Under Agreement operates with the entity trustee for the Private Banker.


Membership provides access to the AA private process, lawful status, and training

Other Process to come…

We will be coming out with other process’s so be on the look out for more to come

Update disclaimer

While we try to keep our online information accurate, there may be a delay in updating processes.


When you complete an Achievement, you will receive a badge linked to your account. This will help you track your progress; including, provide AA with the necessary information to assist you according to your level.

  • AA Process
  • Passport – noncitizen National
  • Creating a Trust
  • Membership
  • Lawful Status


Provides you with the basic knowledge and skills to:

Research laws and codes


Engage USPS

UCC filing

Create a POA

File with recorder

Engage the IRS

Citizenship awareness

Filling out a DS-11

Creating a Trust

Open Trust account


Provides you with the intermediate skills and abilities to:

Apply for authorizations

Establish a CMA

Create a 645

Access the TUA

Apply for special license

Filling out a DS-5504

Obtain title & capacity

Beneficial ownership

national status

Lawful Status

Contract amendment


What are the other options that will be available at Americas Assembly for this:

Utilize UCC

Establish the SEC

Court process

Establish the TDA


Providing basic training to set up cold storage and manage your crypto wallet

  • How to set up your Ledger wallet
  • Link a bank account to the Ledger
  • Buy, Sell, Stake and Manage


Cross Boarder Payment


Payment Network


Defi System



Private Banker TUA

A grantor of an irrevocable trust creates the trust and contributes funds or property to the trust. Which the (TUA) Trust Under Agreement is:

  • The Private Banker
  • The Natural person
  • A Foreign Grantors trust
  • Entity controlled and operated
  • Cannot be supervised by a court


Single/Web Trust


Single $777 or Web $1,554

  • Operating Trust
  • Zoom Meetings
  • Basics Training
  • And More

TUA Trust


  • Private Banker
  • Training Video’s
  • Intermediate Training
  • And More



  • AA Private Process
  • Lawful Status
  • Advanced Training
  • And More


Are any of the Trust refundable?
No. None of the Trust are refundable.
When will I receive the TUA?
At least 30 days give or take. It depends on your communication and progress to populate the Trust Intake form.
Are there any revisions allowed for the TUA?
No. If the intake form does not match the TUA, this error can be corrected.
Do I get support along the way?
Yes. Depending on your level and Membership status.
Are there any revisions allowed to the single or web?
Yes, you have 1 week
Can I substitute a Trust for any of AA’s Trust?
Can I integrate other trusts with AA’s Trust?
Can I cancel my Membership?
Yes, but you will loose all access to the membership immediately.

We provide information online as a convenience to the people. While we try to keep our online information timely and accurate, there may be a delay in updating our website after there have been adjustments to any of the processes.